Programme 2020


It is with a heavy heart that the FAW Eastwood Hills Committee advises that meetings will be suspended until further notice.

Note, this also means there will be no presentation day for our Annual Literary Competition in August. Instead, the results will be published on this website on 1st August.

The health and safety of our members is paramount.

We will advise when meetings recommence.

Stay safe.



Our Programme continues, but via a closed loop email with members only.

A printable version of the programme is available here: 2020 EH FAW Programme New

The printable version includes details of the structure of meetings, more information on each workshop, including warm-ups, internal competitions for paid up members, and notes on how to present your work when submitting it.

(Please note, sometimes unforeseen circumstance can lead to a need to adjust the programme content)

In summary:


February 1      Entries for Pauline Walsh Award due today  


What moment in nature recently surprised you? Please write three lines only.

Workshop: Beverley George – ‘Haiku: Ikigai Living in the Moment’

Assignment due in March: To be advised


March 7

Warm-up: FAW Warm-Up:

Read to the group a paragraph from a crime thriller describing either: the antagonist, the protagonist or a fight scene.

Workshop: Sally Lewry ‘Crime Part 2 – The Usual Suspects

In Crime Workshop Part 2 we’ll focus on the antagonist (the baddy) and the protagonist (the goody).  Working through some exercises and discussions we’ll gain ideas of how to create empathy for the antagonist, even though they may be sociopathic, psychopathic and just plain bad.  We’ll look at ways to help the protagonist be interesting enough for a reader to want to know more.  Finally, we’ll consider how to create fight scenes between the antagonist and protagonist that don’t bore the reader.

Assignment due in April: To be advised


April 4

Warm-up: No Warm-up (guest speaker)

 Workshop: Priscilla Rosenberg of Rosenberg Press, a local non-fiction publisher.

‘Aspects of Publishing’

Assignment due in May: To be advised


May 2


Choose a fairy tale. In one sentence tell us how the female/s is/are treated. In one or two sentences tell us what you would have like to see happen instead.

Workshop: Laura Davis – ‘Feminist Fairy Tales’

Fairy tales are extremely violent and most (though certainly not all) of the victims are female (but some females are perpetrators, though not many by comparison). Females are raped, murdered, neglected, locked in towers, mutilated, abandoned, married off, and so on. Imagine rewriting a fairy tale were the heroine is triumphant – many such retellings have been written.

Assignment due in June: To be Advised.


June 6


Write a short rhyming poem to 10 lines on an aspect of nature. Try to draw on some of the five senses and include/touch on your emotional response to the scene or subject. 

Workshop: Anne Howard – ‘The Romantic Poets’

Assignment due in July: To be advised


July 4              Book Sale 1: Bring your unwanted books and buy someone else’s.


Imagine you are a resident of the Colony of New South Wales in the first fifty years since

26th January, 1788. Write three sentences describing an encounter with a famous person in

the Colony.

Workshop: Frances Moon – ‘Historical Short Story’                  

 Assignment due in August: To be advised


 August 1         Book Sale 2: Bring your unwanted books and buy someone else’s

1.30pm Normal business meeting and set up for Annual Literary Competition


2.30pm Presentation Afternoon for Annual Literary Competition

Assignment due in September: To be advised


September 5    Entries for John Kelly Award due today

Note: 1.30pm start for monthly meeting business and reports

Annual General Meeting

Warm-up: No Warm-up (guest speaker)

Workshop: Christine Sykes: A talk on her debut novel ‘The Changing Room’ followed by critiquing. 

Assignment due in October: To be advised.


October 3


Magical realism contains an implicit criticism of Society, particularly the elite. What is one aspect of Society that you would choose for implicit criticism and why? Write three to four sentences only.

Workshop: Elizabeth Collins – ‘Magical Realism – when realism is invaded by something too strange to believe’                         

Assignment due in November: To be advised


November 7


Imaginatively summarise who you are in just six words

Workshop: Carolyn Alfonzetti – ‘Microlit: The art of writing postcard fiction, drabbles, twitteratue and other tiny tales.’        

Assignment due in December: Write a piece of postcard fiction (maximum 500 words excluding title) that includes the word ‘miniature’.


December 5

 * Christmas Party at a venue and time to be announced.

Please note that although as much care as possible has been taken in compiling the programme, alterations may occur. In this event every effort will be made to notify members in advance.

Full printable .PDF of the programme can be accessed here: 2020 EH FAW Programme