Eastwood/Hills Annual Literary Competition Results 2018

Short Story Section

First Place: ‘An Artist and his Models’, Helen Lyne, NSW

Second Place: ‘Lifesavers’, Margaret Campbell, Vic

Highly Commended:

‘Photo Opportunity’, Janice Williams, Vic

‘A Beige Room’, Jacqueline Trott, NSW

‘A Certain Sanctuary’, Philip Derone, NSW


‘Can you Smell Sulphur’, Jim Kent, NSW

‘Being Neighbourly’, Margot Ogilvie, SA

‘Pilgrimage’, Kerrin O’Sullivan, Vic


Poetry Section

First Place: ‘Manji the Old Man Mad with Painting’, Shane McCauley, WA

Second Place: ‘Dirty Laundry’, David Terelinck, QLD

Highly Commended:

‘Uninvited Guest’, Vivien de Jong, Vic

‘Nowhere to Turn’, David Campbell, Vic

‘Red Lipstick’, Richenda Rudman, Vic

‘Mr Merman’s Pool’, Wendall Watt, NSW


‘At the Breast Clinic’, Shane McCauley, WA

‘Uluru Caper’, Decima Wraxall, NSW


Alan Russell Memoir Section

First Place: ‘The Music Teacher’, Shelley Hansen, QLD

Second Place: ‘Clouds’, Jahan Tyson, NSW

Highly Commended:

‘Sketchbooks of Memory – Epiphanies’, Anita Howard, NSW

‘Taken as Red’, Jim Brigginshaw, NSW

‘Needlework’, Cheryl Howard, Vic


‘The Day Dad Fixed the Shed’, Judith Turner, NSW

‘The Beauty of Queensland’, Joe Harrison, NSW

‘Billy Cart Kids’, Dianna Edwards, QLD


Pauline Walsh Award for Short, Short Story Section

First Place: ‘Just Desserts’, Elizabeth Egan, NSW

Second Place: ‘Reach for the Sky’, David Campbell, Vic

Highly Commended: ‘A Love Story’, Barbara Vertigan, Vic


‘Out of the Fog’, Don Horne, NSW

‘It’s a Small World’, Elaine Staples, NSW


Boree Log Section

First Place: ‘Riley’s Billy Lids’, Tom McIlveen, NSW

Second Place: ‘Modern Day Drovers’, Brenda Joy, QLD

Highly Commended:     

‘The Trouble and Strife’, Jan Foster, Vic

‘The Flower Thief’, Jim Brigginshaw, NSW

Commended: ‘Boiled Eggs’, Shelley Hansen, QLD


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