Spinifex: haiku

SPINIFEXSpinifex: haiku is a new haiku collection by Beverley George. It contains many of her prize-winning haiku and haiku sequences, and her haibun, Gathering Coke, which was voted best of issue by Presence readers.

“… the form and style of Beverley’s writing is current international best practise for haiku-in-English. Spinifex is a book to delight the haiku-lover, to grace any haijin’s bookcase, and to serve as an exemplar for the novice haiku writer.’ – John Bird

‘Beverley George’s haiku take us on a compelling journey through the Australian landscape from the coast to country towns. These intimate, keenly observed poems deserve to be read again and again. Spinifex is a collection to be treasured.’ – Vanessa Proctor

Spinifex is available from Pardalote Press. Please visit http://www.pardalote.com.au/ or contact Lyn Reeves at info@pardalote.com.au

Empty Garden

EMPTYGARDENempty garden is the first collection of tanka by Beverley George. She is responsible for launching “Eucalypt: a tanka journal”, Australia’s first literary journal for tanka only, confirming her enthusiasm for this thirteen hundred year old genre.

This book contains more than sixty tanka and five tanka sequences. Themes throughout draw from the poet’s own rich life, and from careful observation of others. Her method of composition reflects best contemporary practice for tanka written in English as well as demonstrating her deep respect for traditional waka, as tanka was known from the Heian period until around 1900.

This book is available for $15 (inlcuding postage within Australia). For information on ordering, contact Beverley at editor@eucalypt.info or visit her website at http://www.eucalypt.info/

Slow Growing Ivy

AA Slow Growing Ivy COVER Copy Copy-1Slow Growing Ivy is the second tanka collection by David Terelinck, published in 2014.

The collection contains individual tanka, tanka sequences, and prose journeys.

Perfect bound, full gloss paperbook of 112 pages. The collection is sensitively illustrated by Sylvia Amoedo.

The following is from the back-cover endorsement by US tanka poet, Tom Clausen:

“Moving us from the moon and the stars to the inner workings of the human condition, the indelible tanka of David Terelinck are inspired by a life carefully considered and beautifully conceived. With a poignant and deft use of the five line form Terelinck provides us with a blueprint to find our way across the threshold of emotionally complex and challenging feelings. Using language that is inimitable and wonderfully memorable Terelink’s tanka do what the best poetry should do; take us on a voyage of discovery and awareness of the ephemeral to a place that is lasting in our heart.”

~ Tom Clausen, author of A Work of Love and Growing Late

 Individual copies are AUD $25 which includes wordwide postage and AUD $22 for Australian shipping. Purchase from David’s website, www.davidterelinck.com.

Casting Shadows

CS cover final small

Casting Shadows is David Terelinck’s first book of collected tanka, published in 2011.

David has been writing tanka for many years and has been published widely in recognised international tanka journals in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the United States and the UK. His work has also appeared in international anthologies in Australia and the United States.

Castings Shadows is an 84 page perfect bound book that contains 198 tanka arranged individually, in sequences, and through three prose journeys.  


Copies are available directly from David Terelinck  (email:tanka_oz@yahoo.com.au) 

 $22AUD including postage in Australia

 $25AUD including postage for the rest of the world.

For more information visit  David’s website, www.davidterelinck.com


How to Feel Good about saying No


This book offers a series of strategies that will help you take control of any interpersonal situation you encounter. You will be shown how to become more comfortable about saying yes to yourself and no to others when you are asked to do things you don’t want to do. Scenarios are given to show how these skills can be applied at home, with friends and in the workplace.


“Elizabeth has a passion for learning, teaching and behavioural change. She attended the University of Sydney where she gained her BA and MA in Psychology and her Diploma in Education.

As her interests expanded beyond the individual and the family to wider systems, she studied organisations and completed her thesis: The Counselling Styles of Australian Managers gaining her MA in Management at The Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University.

Learning has been an ongoing part of her life. Going beyond the traditional requirements of professional development in psychology and education, Elizabeth has embraced studies in Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism and has explored the basic workings underpinning complementary therapies such as Kinesiology and Bach Flower Essences.

Her studies in the more traditional fields of her profession include
Family Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Conflict Resolution and Accelerated Learning and Mind Mapping.” Vision Phoenix Consultancy


Kindle e-book. Cost $2.99. amazon.com