Members Only Competitions

Every year Eastwood/Hills FAW runs the following Members Only competitions:

Pauline Walsh Short Story – Maximum 3000 words, open theme. Hand in at February meeting. First Prize $100 plus perpetual trophy.

Pauline Walsh was a teacher of creative writing and an active member of the Eastwood/Hills Regional. Her commitment to short story writing resulted in several first prizes, the last being awarded on the day of her untimely death.

John Kelly Short Story – Maximum 1500 words, original myth, folk or fairy tale. Hand in at September meeting. First Prize $50 plus perpetual trophy.

John Kelly was an active member of the Eastwood/Hills Regional for many years before his death in 2003. Born in Ireland, he had a great love of oral and written folklore. He was a gifted storyteller who was always ready to entertain with one of his humorous tales.

Participation Award

A $50 prize voucher is awarded based on participation in the monthly competitions.

Entry = 1 point; Presenting workshop = 1 point; Judging entries = 1 point (Presenter also judging = 2 points).  Points are tallied at the end of the year and the winner is announced at the February meeting of the next year.

The details are also found in the printable version of the programme.