Members’ Achievements

Third Quarter 2017

Carolyn Alfonzetti

Poem “City Lights” sold to The School Magazine

 Erina Booker

The publication of my eighth collection of poetry: ‘A Cobbled Path‘, June 2017

 Beverley George

haiku published in Serbian and English Haiku Novine #31, 2017

Led 2 ginko (walks while writing haiku) for U3A Central Coast February 28th  and May 23rd 2017 at Gosford/Edogawa Gardens)

Tanka in “Earth: our common ground” Skylark Publishing [UK]

Tanka in “Skylark: a tanka journal vol. 5 issue 1 Summer 2017 [UK]

Tanka in Eucalypt issue 22, 2017 edited by Julie Thorndyke.

Haiku in Blithe Spirit vol. 27 number 2  2017

Introduction and tanka sequence in International Tanka no. 1 2017 [Japan]

tanka selected for ‘Selections and Reflections’ from 2016 Tanka Society of America’s anthology ‘Ripples in the Sand’ [US]

3 haiku in Australian Haiku Society’s Winter Solstice celebration

2 tanka in ‘Red Lights’ 13 (2) 2017 [US]

2 haiku in 9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest July 2017

Haiku published on Daily Haiku:  Charlotte Digregorio

Haibun on Australian Haiku Society website

Perform poem ‘Catching Up’ for Pearl Beach Glee Club annual concert 25th and 26th August

Anne Howard

Commended for short story, ‘Footsteps’, Eastwood Hills FAW Monthly Competition, October 2016.

Highly Commended for poem, ’Souvenir’, Eastwood Hills FAW Monthly Competition, February 2017.

Highly Commended for short story, “Misconceptions’, Eastwood Hills FAW, April 2017.

First Place for research and back-story, for essay ‘Froth and Bubble’ on Adam Lindsay Gordon, Eastwood Hills FAW Monthly Competition March 2017, Researching.

Equal second in Eastwood Hills FAW annual Pauline Walsh short story Competition.

Presented workshop to Eastwood Hills FAW: Structured Verse: Building Various Forms, on 6th May 2017.

Three Letters published in Australian Doctor Weekly Magazine.

Marilyn Humbert

Second place in the 2017 H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest

Free Verse published in Award Winning Australian Writing 2017

Free verse, tanka and haiku published in Peaceworks – Moving Beyond 1915 Remembrance

Tanka published in Ribbons, Frameless Sky, red lights, Eucalypt 22, Kokako 26, Moonbathing, Hedgerow

Tanka Prose published in Atlas Poetica, Haibun Today

Haiku published in Creatrix, Failed Haiku

Haibun published in Haibun Today Failed Haiku

Cherita published in Atlas Poetica,  the cherita: your storybook journal Vol 1 No 1

Artelle Lenthall

Short Story, Except for the Mouse accepted for publication in Creative Kids Tales Inaugural Short Story Collection

1st Place for Shadows in Eastwood/ Hills monthly competition- June

 Cecile Yazbek

Commended for ‘Songs” in Eastwood/Hills FAW monthly competition- May

Second Quarter 2017

Anne Benjamin

Saffron and Silk, Author in the Library, Blacktown Library, 27th April 2017

“I have access,” “little girl,” and “all those years,” tanka in Gusts No. 25,  Spring/Summer 2017

“Spaces,” tanka prose in Kokako 26, April, 2017

“in the darkness” and “earthen red clay” tanka in Earth our Common Ground, an anthology, Ed Claire Everett, Skylark Publishing, 2017

“petals float” tanka in A Temple Bell Sounds, 108 tanka from the  first 21 issues of Eucalypt, Ed. Beverley George, Pearl Beach, 2017

“Memory”, second place in East-Hills FAW monthly competition, April 2017

Presenter, Workshop, “Before we start to write: background resources,” March 2017

Erina Booker

two Ekphrastic poems accompanying the craftwork of Pam Horstmann, who ‘paints’ with wool fibres, at a special exhibition of the Chester County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Master Craftsman, Lancaster, Pa. For the first time, Ekphrastic poetry is a particular feature of the exhibition.

Laura Davis

2 haiku in Kokako 26                                                                                                                   1 haibun in Kokako 26                                                                                                                    A haiku selected as the Featured Haiku on the Australian Haiku Society website

Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti

A children’s verse novella ‘Around the Globe with Gramps’ accepted for publication by Celapene Press.

Short story ‘A Little Helper’ published in The School Magazine Orbit Issue 4 and delightfully illustrated by Gabriel Evans.

Short play ‘Beneath the Flower Show’ accepted for publication by The Australian Script Centre.

Two tanka accepted for publication by Eucalypt: a tanka journal.

Short story accepted for Celapene Press ‘Short and Twisted 2017’ anthology.

Beverley George

Tanka published in Cattails April 2017 [US]

Haiku published Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine March 31, 2017; [US]

tanka sequence Circles published in The Tanka Journal [Japan] no. 50 2017

First Place Eastwood/Hills FAW Monthly Competition February 2017 for poetry

First Place, with Simon Hanson, HPNC (Haiku Poets of North Carolina) Rengay Competition 2016

Haiku in Mariposa 36 2017 [US]

Anne Howard

Equal Second in Pauline Walsh Annual Short Story Competition                                              Presenter, Workshop, “Structured Verse- Building Various Forms,” May 2017

Karen Lieversz

Two tanka accepted for publication in Eucalypt issue 22

Margaret Longhurst

Highly Commended for submission to Eastwood Hills Research Workshop Competition

Frances Moon

Second Place in Eastwood Hills FAW April Research Workshop .

David Terelinck

Fault Lines – responsive tanka sequence with Carol Judkins in red lights Vol 13, No. 2 Individual tanka in red lights Vol 13, No. 2                                                                              

Two tanka in Eucalypt 22                                                                                              

Seduction – tanka prose – in the inaugural issue of International Tanka (Japan)                                                

Three tanka in GUSTS 25                                                                                                       

Between the Lines – responsive tanka sequence with Mary Kendall in Skylark Vol 5, No. 1 Endless Circles – responsive tanka sequence with Michael Dylan Welch in Skylark Vol 5, No. 1                                                                                                                                        

Collaborative tankart with Carol MacRury in Skylark Vol 5, No.1                                            Shimmer – tan renga with Beverley George & Kathy Kituai in Kokako 26                                Layers – tanka prose – in tanka anthology Earth: our common ground                                         

Two tanka in anthology Earth: our common ground                                             

Wrote back cover endorsement for more grows in a crooked row: tanka conversations of Angela Leuck and other Canadian poets.                                                                                  Selected and edited tanka for April 2017 issue of cattails – the journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society                                                                                                              Wrote afterword for Margaret Dornaus’s book Prayer for the Dead: Collected Haibun & Tanka Prose                                                                                                                           

Wrote back cover endorsement for Carol Judkins first tanka collection, at the water’s edge                       

Judged the tanka section for the 2017 British Haiku Society Awards competition                          

Gave key presenter workshop at Bowerbird Tanka Workshop in March on tankart

Co-presenter with Beverley George of morning workshop session at Bowerbird Tanka Workshop in March

One tanka in A Temple Bell Sounds – celebrating the first 21 issue of Eucalypt: a tanka journal Runner up tanks for the Skylark’s Nest Award, Skylark 5:1, 2017

First Quarter 2017

Carolyn Alfonzetti    

Haiku published in Windfall Australian Haiku Issue 5, 2017

2nd place Eastwood/Hills in-house ’story that includes emotion’ assignment

Laura Davis

1 tanka in Eucalypt 21

2 haiku in Windfall 5

Beverley George

Haiku included in lecture by Bruce Ross, given at the 30th Anniversary of ‘Kō’ : vol 31 no 4 2016

Nagoya, Japan.

Haiku in English and Chinese included in “Butterfly Dreams” vol.  2 2016 edited and translated by Chen-ou Liu

Guest editor for one week on Simon Hanson’s haiku column on Australian Haiku Society web-site.

“The Birds That Stay: haiku by Beverley George” featured as ‘book of the week’ The Haiku Foundation [US]

Launched Owen Bullock’s haiku collection “River’s Edge” at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop, Canberra. December 5th.

Anne Howard

Commended in October 2016 Eastwood Hills Monthly Competition, a short story: ‘Writing Showing Emotion’.

First in November 2016 Eastwood Hills Monthly Competition: Family History, short story ‘written in the narrative voice of an ancestor’.

 Julie Thorndyke

1st place Eastwood/Hills in-house ‘story that includes emotion’ assignment

2 poems on Peacock Journal website

2 tanka in January 2017 issue of red lights

2 tanka in TSA Members’ Anthology 2016  Ripples in the Sand.

Co-edited Eucalypt #21 with Beverley George.

Edited A Tanka Huddle Christmas chapbook


Fourth Quarter 2015

Beverley George

haiku and rengay judging results with Ron Moss published in Mariposa 33
haiku in Muttering Thunder No. 2, 2015 (
tanka in Ribbons 11 (3) 2015
Literary adviser Mitsui Travel for a small group travel journey to Kyushu, Japan
three tanka set to music by Andrea Keller, read by the late Allan Browne, on a CD ‘Travellers’
launched at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne on Dec 7th
Haiku in British Haiku Society member anthology “Edge”.
haiku published on ‘Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine’ Jan 1, 2016.
‘The Birds That Stay’ [haiku chapbook] published on The Haiku Foundation.
Co-judge the 8th International Tanka Conference competition 2016 [Japan].
2 poems that won the WB Yeats Poetry Prize for Australia and New Zealand 2004 and 2005 published in “Yeats 150: William Butler Yeats 1865-1939 : essays in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of His Birth”, edited by Declan Foley, launched in Sligo, Ireland January 31, 2016 and in Melbourne, Australia February 13th 2016.
sequence in Red Lights vol. 12 no. 1 2016 p.45 (Canada).

Richard Hagerty

Commended for a Memoir in Eastwood Hills FAW September Monthly Competition
A Second Place for History-based Short Story in Eastwood Hills FAW October Competition

Philippa Holland

Commended for the a short story in Eastwood Hills FAW October 2015 Workshop Assignment on ‘Historical Writing’

Anne Howard

Two letters published in Australian Doctor Weekly Magazine
Second Place in Eastwood/Hills FAW October Monthly Competition for science fiction short story

Artelle Lenthall

Launched blog journeygirl in November 2015


Third Quarter 2015

Carolyn Alfonzetti

Poem published in The School Magazine and illustrated by Matt Ottley
Shortlisted in Poetry Section of Society of Women’s Writers NSW
Shortlisted in Sisters of Crime ‘Scarlet Stiletto’ Awards
Children’s Story Last Place Luca Finds His Feet sold to The School Magazine


Anne Benjamin

Poem Leaving The Island published in Zinewest 2015


Adeline Burton

Poem put up in Reception of Coo-ee Motel, Gilgandra


Beverley George

Tanka sequence with David Terelinck ‘Cornerstone’ published in Red Lights 11 (2) June 2015 p. 49
Tanka and a tanka sequence with David Terelinck ‘Whisky and Smoke’ published in Ribbons 11 (2) Spring/Summer 2015pp. 25; 64
Edited Prospect #5 for haiku and tanka for Blue Giraffe Press
Edited Windfall 4 for Blue Giraffe Press
Rengay Just Enough Breeze with Simon Hanson published Kokako 23 2015 p. 25 [NZ]
Renku by 7 poets Singing in Whispers published Blithe Spirit 25 (3) 2015 p. 52 [UK]
Haiga with Mariko Kitakubo and Ron Moss published in Ardea 5 [UK]
Tanka sequence ‘from a blank page…rising’  published The Tanka Journal [Japan] no. 47 p. 20
3rd prize haiku The 11th Pumpkin Festival, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, October 18-19, 2015
haiku in New Zealand Poetry Society anthology ‘scattered feathers’ 2015


Richard Hagerty

Commended for poem “On Anzac Bridge, 2015” in Eastwood/Hills Literary Awards, 2015
Three poems published in St Joseph’s Centre Newsletter at Kensington: (i) “An Anzac in the Shadows of the Warrumbungles”, (ii) “Massacre at Mistake Creek” and (iii) “On Anzac Bridge, 2015”.


Philippa Holland

Second place E/H FAW July Assignment: “Writing from the Heart”
Winner of 2015 E/H FAW Annual John Kelly Award for Myth or Fairy tale. “There’s Always a Catch”               Commended Certificate  Scribes Writers ‘Short Takes’ open prose Lit. Comp. Memoir Category for “Why Worry?”


Anne Howard

Highly Commended in Eastwood/Hills FAW July monthly competition: ‘Writing from the heart’ – memoir.
Second Place in Eastwood/Hills FAW annual John Kelly Award (August): An original myth, folk or fairy tale.
First in Eastwood/Hills FAW September monthly competition: short story or memoir involving criticism, positive or negative. – short story.

Artelle Lenthall

Published in Zinewest 2015 for short story Being Different


Margaret Longhurst

Highly Commended for the Blacktown City Mayoral Writing Competition for poem- War Letters


David Terelinck

Attended Tanka Sunday in Albany, NY, USA on 18th October. Gave Australian tanka reading, participated in journal and group readings, and was a guest panellist for the Why We Write Tanka interactive session
Two tanka in Eucalypt 19
One haiku in Windfall 4
The following all appear in Skylark Vol , No 2, Winter 2015:
Winner of the Skylark’s Nest tanka competition
– One tankart
– A responsive tanka sequence, Whispered Vows, with Claire Everett
– a responsive tanka sequence, Harmonies, with Beverley George
– a rengay, Noel, with Beverley George
– One tanka prose, Strange Terrain
three tanka in GUSTS 21
three tanka in the 2015 Tanka Society of America Anthology
Whispered Vows, responsive tanka sequence with Claire Everett, featured in the video journal Frameless Sky. The sequence is read by Beverley George & her husband David.