Results of 2019 Eastwood Hills Annual Literary Competition

Congratulations to our 2019 Literary Competition Winners!

Prize winners 2019

Congratulations to our 2018 Literary Competition Winners!


Photos to follow soon


2017 Literary Competition Winners

Congratulations to this years place-getters and winners!


One of our talented First Place Recipients

For other photographs of our Annual Literary Competition Presentation Day look at Presentation Day 2017 Gallery HERE

Boree Log:

1st               Equal under southern soil                         Tom McIlveen

2nd              Pappinbarra Dreaming                              Tom McIlveen

HC              Transformation                                           Brenda Joy

HC              Lament                                                           Brenda Joy

C                 Tribute beneath the river red gum           Elizabeth Egan

Short story:

1st              ‘Bombilla’                               Carney Vaughan

2nd              ‘Insula’                                     Heather MacKenzie

HC              ‘Spiral’                                    Joshua Kemp

HC              ‘Gone, gone, gone’                   Bill Bean

C                ‘The Phone’                              Peter Joseph Head

C                ‘Uncle Andrew’s Home’         Marie Watt


1st                Moonlight Sonata                                                Frances Lovell

2nd               Breaking the News                                             Jeff Guess

HC               Agatha Christie Contemplates Australia

for the First Time – 1922                                                  Jeff Guess

C                 An Overturned Orange Wheelbarrow         Jeff Guess

C                Images of Genocide                                       Faie Dana Watson

C                 Reviewing the Waves                                  Damen O’Brien

C                 Cri de Couer                                                 Faie Dana Watson


1st                Give my Love to Flo and Ted                         Mike Woodhouse

2nd               An Apprenticeship                                          Nicole Hodgson

HC                 Jericho on the Jordan                                    Gordon Plowman

HC               Feast of All Saints                                             Marie Watt

HC               Like the Curate’s Egg – No Pony, But

a Life Good in Parts                                                 Carney Vaughan

Short, short story:

1st                 A Better Life                                                   Gina Dawson

2nd              Guitar Boy                                                      Kerrin O’Sullivan

HC               Weathering the Storm                                  Maree Gallop

C                 Losing Dennis                                                   Gina Dawson

C                  Santoro’s Shoes                                                 Gina Dawson

C                 Nana’s Warm Friends                                     Vincent Morrison